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     2020 proved to be a difficult year for everybody, with not a lot of sailing and hardly
     any traveling the Yearbook was very thin for a long time.  I hope that you can find
     something amongst these pages to interest you. This is the 60  year of the
     Association and while membership numbers continue to fall a little and I hear of some
     very sad stories of the demise of some old wooden Folkboats, there is still a lot of
     interest in our beloved little boats.

     Having struggled with this year’s content may I make a plea to members to think
     about sending me something for next year’s Yearbook. While you are sitting on a
     mooring somewhere quiet and beautiful, but pencil to paper, take a photo or make a
     sketch to share with other members.  Write the history of your boat, your favourite
     anchorage, a race report, your favourite marina or yacht club. I would especially like
     to hear from the far reaches of the county or world for that matter. I will give a prize
     to the member taking the most interesting picture of a Folkboat.

     As you will have seen from the front cover it is the 60  Year of the Association I hope
     that as many of you as possible will make the trip to the Solent for Folkboat Week,
     especially cruising/British Folkboats, you don’t have to race the social side of Folkboat
     week is just as important.

     I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this year’s Yearbook and
     to the advertisers, who’s support helps to defray the costs.

     Nicky Henderson

     Line drawing by Paul Brown
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