Page 5 - Folk Boat Year Book 2021
P. 5

A message from the President

                                             recommendation of white sails with a
                                             crew of 2 up, and cruisers can stay
                                             overnight on their boats from April 12th.

                                             The National Committee will review its
                                             guidance according to changes in
                                             government rules.

                                             Watching the replays of the America’s
                                             Cup was a terrific diversion during the
                                             final weeks before getting on the water
     We are at last looking more             again. Sad that the British entry lost in
     optimistically at the forthcoming sailing   the final stages after Sir Ben Ainslie’s
     season, with the oldies among us having   great fight, but it was a great effort
     had at least one dose of vaccine. What a   together with Jim Ratcliffe and Ineos.
     triumph the vaccine roll-out has been,   Fantastic news that Ineos will back Ben
     following a roller-coaster year of      again for the next challenge. I have to
     lockdowns, rising cases and difficult   admit to having a foot in the Italian camp
     restrictions, especially for sailing.   so there was a good deal of excitement
                                             in this house when Luna Rossa went on
     At the time of writing this I hope you will   to the final challenge.
     be preparing your boats and getting
     ready to go racing or cruising again if only  I wonder how you have all survived the
     with two crew and white sails, as was   relentless lockdown, we asked
     recommended by your committee back      committee members to give us an idea
     in November. I think we made a good call   what they got up to during lockdown,
     in the somewhat prophetic belief that   one of our committee members built a
     things were not going to change in a    rowing skiff which you will read about. I
     hurry. The governments roadmap has      got around to writing a potted memoire
     been published and things are going well   for my grandchildren on Sounds and
     on the vaccine front, we are beginning to   Scents of a Lifetime.  Sounds and scents
     get the odd green light as the          take me back in time instantly, writing
     government confirms each stage of       about them passed away some of the
     opening up. In line with the RYA        weary lockdown hours and transported
     Guidance racing was able to start on 29th   me back to almost forgotten normal ways
     March with the National committee       of life. I was a bit preoccupied with how
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