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best to keep fit, trying regular jogging   reminder on social distancing and mask
     around the perimeter of a 2/3rd acre    wearing, by Anne Kyle, the worried but
     garden got a bit repetitive, in any case   delightful Commodore, worried because
     during the hot weather it was enough to   she had to keep control of a lot of happy
     drag long hosepipes up and down the     sailors longing to party.
     plot. Then I tried the stairs, having read
     about a couple in their eighties who    My own Folkboat week was sailed in
     every day did twenty climbs of their    Cloud Cuckoo F693 generously lent to me
     stairs then relating the distance climbed   by Martin Le Gassicke. In trepidation I
     to the world’s highest mountains. They   asked Chris Baldwick at the risk of
     got to the top of Everest and were last   putting him on the spot, if he would care
     heard of tackling Kilimanjaro, I decided   to come and sail with an old bird, his
     I’m more of a Captain Tom.              enthusiastic yes, he’d be delighted,
                                             cheered me up no end. It was incredibly
     That’s enough of that, we just want to   sad to hear of the passing of Martin in
     get back to more structured sailing this   March this year after a long and brave
     year. Last summer gave us a respite from   fight. I was humbled and honoured to
     the earlier complete lockdown with self-   have sailed his boat and he told me how
     organized ‘races’ going on in the Solent   happy he was that we got better results
     once things eased up a bit. After much   than him!
     debate we decided with The Royal Solent
     Yacht Club that we would run Folkboat   Falmouth Week went ahead with five
     Week, although some owners were         Folkboats racing, I believe, also the
     uneasy and didn’t launch their boats for   Dartmouth Regatta with Folkboat entries.
     the whole season. The club went ahead   Talking of which we would be very happy
     whilst putting in place and observing   and interested to hear from any
     stringent protocols. The event, sailed 2   Falmouth or Dartmouth Folkboaters who
     up or single household crew and with    may like to keep us up to date with
     white sails, was a huge success with 33   Folkboating in your lovely sailing waters.
     entries, down on the normal numbers     We really would like to encourage more
     but far better than expected. The Royal   fleets to develop and join the National
     Solent provided its usual fine catering   Folkboat Association family. There were
     and with numbers limited to 60 in the   at one time several other area
     clubhouse managed a full house on the   associations, including the East Coast,
     social evenings. Preceding each was a   South West, Irish Sea, Wales and
     short and very courteously delivered    Gloucester (who would have thought
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