Page 10 - Folk Boat Year Book 2023
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any bearing and with a reef in can cope with almost anything. On a good beat down
    the lake my mobile phone indicates that I am driving and turns itself off.

    Lake Windermere is a great place to learn seamanship. The traffic is considerable near
    the populated centres but the isolation halfway up the lake is welcome. The big
                                                 steamers know the rules of the sea
                                                 and keep out of your way. The little
                                                 tourist electric launches buzz five
                                                 metres in front of you to take
                                                 photos as you are going full tilt on a
                                                 close haul with the gunwales under
                                                 water. The power boats give a great
                                                 swell of a wake simulates the
                                                 offshore environment. The
                                                 prevailing south westerly wind
                                                 makes for an interesting beat down
                                                 the lake with several shallows to
                                                 navigate. The northern basin allows
                                                 a reach of over a mile on a single
                                                 tack. The autumn northerlies bring
                                                 a different and austere challenging
                                                 environment. There are a few
                                                 comfortable havens which you can
                                                 share with the steamers if you
                                                 coordinate your arrival with their
    departure . I’ve entertained several bluewater sailors who have been impressed with
    fluky winds and the quality of the sailing. The rapid shifts in wind are possibly related
    to the adiabatic and katabatic effects of the mountains that encircle the northern end
    of the lake - you can get a 180 degree change in direction in a few hours.

    As far as I know mine may be the only Folkboat on the lake, but I have seen others
    there a few years ago and I always get an interested and knowledgeable enquiry
    when I stop at the main jetty at Ferry Nab. If you are tempted to buy one of the many
    Folkboats advertised on the Association website, please consider joining me - it would
    be fun to run a flotilla! The wardens are helpful and professional. There is a very fine

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