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We are now a four division fleet through the introduction of the one metre class with
    nearly a dozen radio controlled models on the water, giving the opportunity for
    winter racing for those in need.  This form of racing has been popular in Hamburg, the
    concept being to have the same hull colour and sail number as your proper boat and
    a massive electric samovar of gluhwein as a trophy to keep spirits high.

    We look forward to podium finishes from Madeline at the Nordic Gold Cup in Tallinn
    where 70 Folkboats from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the UK are
    expected (so no pressure Ed) Ed Donald is also representing the UK fleets at the
    Folkboat International Cup in San Francisco

    Most of you will be aware of the recent loss of two stalwart Folkboaters, John Bence,
    Commodore of RLYC amongst many other accomplishments and owner of Box Clever,
    and John Whyte, also RLYC, our recent Class Captain, owner of Scaramouche and
    keen golfer.  Both Johns offered me lots of advice (mostly wanted) and camaraderie
    and John Whyte in particular introduced me to the bonhomie of Folkboating - aka
    Friday afternoons in the Chequers.  They are both sadly missed and our thoughts go
    to their families.

                                                I am shortly leaving for Australia,
                                                initially to stay with Chris and Carrie
                                                Hills (Padfoot) near Sydney before
                                                travelling up to Darwin to sail to
                                                Singapore via Bali and any other
                                                islands we bump into along the way.
                                                Please be kind to James during my
                                                four-month absence which will sadly
                                                include Folkboat Week.  In the
                                                meantime, I wish you good sailing,
                                                good drinking and good luck.

              Water Music, my home for 4 months

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