Page 9 - Folk Boat Year Book 2023
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Sailing on Windemere by Andrew Severn

    I discovered the boat a few weeks before storm Desmond hit in December 2015,
    moored behind Belle Isle on Lake Windermere. She had been rescued from a
    scrapyard in about 2010 and restored to workable condition by the owner. My son,
    with whom I had done a bit of sailing in hire day boats a few years before,
    encouraged me to buy it as a suitable project and sanctuary for retirement. I waited
    for the storm and its aftermath to pass before I committed - the bilge remained free
    of any standing water. The price was unbelievably low and the owner threw in the
    tender and the mooring for ‘free’ and emigrated.

    I had no experience of maintaining boats, nor did I know what to look for in a wooden
    boat that had been on fresh water for three consecutive seasons.

    A couple of years later a major
    refit was needed and David Moss
    at Skippool near Fleetwood did the
    honours for me. The beam shelf
    was rotted through, the decks
    unsalvageable and the dog house
    needed replacing with a more
    elegant cabin . I had been lucky
    not to get into trouble as the chain
    plates were attached to failing
    planks, also the Johnson 2 stroke
    was a major cause of irritation to
    the lake wardens who regularly
    had to rescue me, the final straw
    being when some flames erupted
    from the engine cover.

    She was built on Lake Windermere
    in about 1960 and is clearly suited
    to it. She is forgiving to the novice,
    beautifully balanced - I can take
    my hand off the tiller at almost

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