Welcome to the folkboat association

The Association functions as class authority for Folkboats in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is recognised by the RYA.  In this function the Association is responsible for control and protection of the class, the issue of class regulations, the registration of suitable boats, the issue of sail numbers and liaison with the RYA and another yachting authorities.

The association supports and encourages all aspects of Folkboating, for racing and cruising members alike, aiming to connect all owners and crews of all variants of Folkboats under one umbrella.  Race events are organised by the Sailing clubs (Race authorities) with class advice and support from the Folkboat Association . A great example of how we work is Folkboat week - our annual regatta in Yarmouth Isle of Wight, where the Royal Solent Yacht Club is the race authority, running the regatta,  and the Folkboat Association organises all the social events.


The idea of a Folkboat Association was first mooted in 1950 when the first British Folkboats were built, despite the efforts of a few dedicated owners no formal body was constituted. The Folkboat was firmly established in Scandinavia at this time as a seaworthy, simple, easily handled, engineless, clinker built boat capable of cruising and fast enough to provide good racing. The class caught on in other countries and the design was copied and adapted by local builders in this country so that some of variety started to appear in boats that should have been of one class.  So, in 1961 the Folkboat Association of Great Britain was formed with the object of keeping track of Folkboats in the United Kingdom; of controlling the divergencies of individual boats; forming a cohesive centre for Folkboat owners and as a means of promoting the interest of Folkboats. With great foresight one of the early members, Mr J.M. Saunders had kept a register of new boats and had even issued sail numbers to them. The aims have not changed since the very beginning of Folkboat racing and cruising in this country with the first aim and objective of the association as stated in the constitution and rules of the Folkboat Association “To endeavour at all times to foster friendship and camaraderie between all those who sail in and share an interest in Folkboats to encourage the true spirit of Folkboat sailing”.


Membership of the Association is open to owners and anyone with an ongoing interest in Folkboats and Folkboating. The helms person of a Folkboat in any race run for or on behalf of the Association must be at least an Associate member of the Association.

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